Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The song heard 'round the world?

Wow. Spring seems to have sprung here in upstate NY, and as usual we here at Out of the Pits have been keeping ourselves super busy with the great work of pit bull rescue! Our calendars over the past few months have been chock full of kissing booths, adoption clinics, educational/therapy dog visits, public speaking engagements, and planning cool stuff for the next few months - So stay tuned for more information about those!

While we work on updating you with pictures and stories of our late-winter goings on, we wanted to be sure to share this short YouTube video. The song and "movie" were inspired by Zoe, a rescued pit bull and life-changer for artist John Shipe.

Ah, that we were all so talented to be able to create such an amazing dedication to our bullies. Thanks, John :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kissing for a Better Bully World...
So get this: Bonnie (pictured, left, with Hannie Annie, CGC, TDI, TT) came up with another great idea last year: A pit bull kissing booth. And in October, we had our first public kissing event, The Kiss-A-Bull kissing booth, in coordination with Sloppy Kisses (A Treat Boutique for Dogs in Saratoga Springs, NY). Our TDI-certified pit bulls kissed scores of people - lovers and skeptics alike. It was one of the most amazing "shows" we bullies have ever put on. I mean, look at this video...

And get this: At our most recent Kissing Bully Extravaganza, our Ambassadogs converted a total non-believer. A reluctant Kissing Booth visitor, a dog lover herself, was kissed for the first time by a pit bull. While she shares her life and home with two dogs (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Cairin Terrier), she had not yet understood or trusted the pit bull (despite my best efforts to educate based on the "facts"). As a realtor in a local inner-city neighborhood, she was certain that this breed was limited to lunging and barking at the end of a chain. Hmmmmm...

But then came a kiss from Grace, pit bull myth-buster extraordinaire. And, the outcome was enlightening. Our friend, the inner-city realtor, was a convert. Totally.

She even called the woman who cares for their dogs when they travel to see if she would board a pit bull. Is it possible that one bully kiss could lead this kind woman to consider opening her home to a pit bull?

Yeah, baby.

P.S. Change your life, too, at our next kissing booth on Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hey Ya, Pibbles!

Welcome to the Out of the Pits Pit Bull Blog!!!

So here we are - a bunch of blogging pit bulls and their people! Can you believe it??

This is very exciting for us here at Out of the Pits. Having a blog has been a dream - To be able to report the latest pit bull news and to tell our bully rescue stories is an amazing opportunity. Who woulda thought?!

But it's true. And while we may be wildly celebrating the inititation of our blog, we are VERY serious about our work. So stay tuned for more pibble news...