Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The song heard 'round the world?

Wow. Spring seems to have sprung here in upstate NY, and as usual we here at Out of the Pits have been keeping ourselves super busy with the great work of pit bull rescue! Our calendars over the past few months have been chock full of kissing booths, adoption clinics, educational/therapy dog visits, public speaking engagements, and planning cool stuff for the next few months - So stay tuned for more information about those!

While we work on updating you with pictures and stories of our late-winter goings on, we wanted to be sure to share this short YouTube video. The song and "movie" were inspired by Zoe, a rescued pit bull and life-changer for artist John Shipe.

Ah, that we were all so talented to be able to create such an amazing dedication to our bullies. Thanks, John :)

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